Seminole Gardens Adult Care is located in the safe and gated community of Oakhurst Reserve in beautiful Casselberry, Florida. While our home will provide all the day-in, day-out care and amenities necessary, there are nearby parks that are great for a quick stroll on a beautiful Central Florida afternoon.

Red Bug Lake Park

Whether you want to take in your grandchild’s soccer game on one of the park’s numerous fields or simply take a walk alongside the lake, Red Bug Park is only five minutes from our home. Click here to find out more about Red Bug Park.


Secret Lake Park

About an eight-minute car ride from our facility, Secret Lake Park offers plenty of walking opportunities, or even a chance to take in a youth baseball game. Check out more on Secret Lake Park.


Wirz Park

If you’re a sucker for watching the next generation of athletes take to the field, Wirz Park is a quaint park that hosts both baseball and softball games nearly every weekend. Learn more about the park here.

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