Welcome to Seminole Gardens, Central Florida’s premier adult assisted-living facility. Located in the gated community of Oakhurst Reserve in beautiful Casselberry, Florida, Seminole Gardens offers a four-bedroom, live-in opportunity for five residents. Here is some key information as you get to know us:

What are operating hours for Seminole Gardens?

We are a 24 hours per day, seven days per week facility — 365 days per year. Visiting hours are until 10 p.m. each night.


Is Seminole Gardens pet-friendly?

No, there will be no pets allowed at the facility — both live-in and guests. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Is there designated parking available?

Yes, there are two designated parking spots in front of our home during visiting hours.


Is the Seminole Gardens facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our downstairs is fully wheelchair-friendly.


Is there WiFi available at Seminole Gardens?

Yes, for both residents and guests — free of charge.


Will Seminole Gardens offer Sunday church services?

Yes. We are willing to provide travel to a place of worship each Sunday or will have the family room TV tuned to a pre-designated worship service each Sunday.


Are meals provided at Seminole Gardens?

Yes, there is a daily menu set — as well as a vegetarian option upon request. We are using Blue Apron meals to keep consistency of diets for those living at the facility.


Will transportation be provided for outside visits?

Yes, we pre-schedule store, shopping and doctor visits. We will work to accommodate everyone’s needs, as long as plenty of notice is given.


Who can be contacted in case of an emergency?

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