Seminole Gardens Adult Care Seminole County Florida
Seminole Gardens Adult Care features a spacious backyard that will allow residents to take in the beautiful Seminole County Florida sun.

Founded to provide care for those families looking for personal care for the elderly and those with mental health needs, Seminole Gardens Adult Care features four bedrooms that can sleep up to five residents.

Our residents will have access to a beautiful home, complete with a backyard oasis that features a gazebo and rock garden, as well as spacious common living area and fully functioning kitchen that will employ Blue Apron meals.

The facility will have around-the-clock care from our in-home care team of assisted-living specialists. They will tend to our residents’ every need, from meals to personal hygiene to mental health checks.

Seminole Gardens will also offer adult day care, allowing working families the option to feel confident that their loved one is being cared for throughout the day.

We all crave the comforts of home, so let Seminole Gardens Adult Care be your new one — albeit for yourself or your loved one.

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